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SITEREM SA has been offering its environmental expertise to clients since 1993. As a certified design office in the Walloon and Brussels region, we specialise in the field of polluted land and groundwater.

Our story

Founded in 1993, SITEREM is a Walloon SME based in the heart of Walloon Brabant.
It has grown over the years without letting go of its personal touch.
Today, around fifteen engineers specialising in environmental management and techniques have been working together at SITEREM.

Our organisation

Our straightforward internal structure, made up of a management team and engineers who are directly involved in project management, boasts the following advantages:

  • The engineer is your primary contact, who will handle your whole project
  • The engineer works on the ground and is there to answer your questions
  • The skills and experiences acquired are built up over time

Working as a team

The SITEREM team encompasses many different scientific disciplines (pedology, hydrogeology, soil physics and chemistry, modelling etc.). This means that each member of the team can hone their expertise and if necessary, have links with cutting-edge fields.

Our values

Customised service

Each situation deserves a specific, appropriate response.

Respect for clients, partners and our staff

Siterem works with many different parties (including public authorities, contractors, private individuals, insurers and lawyers). SITEREM respects each one’s skills, role and contribution.

Protecting the environment

Whenever possible depending on the environmental targets and the project itself, we prefer to adopt solutions that reduce the impact on the environment.
We are involved in research projects designed to develop innovative remediation techniques.

Our ethics

We are committed to using the most appropriate solution in financial and technical terms for our client, in accordance with the legislation in force.

SITEREM is committed to improving its services day in. day out

SITEREM has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since September 2012.

Certification is based on 4 priorities:

  • Responsibility
  • Quality system
  • Processes
  • Ongoing improvement