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On the basis of the diagnosis, SITEREM will suggest a remediation process based on:

  • technical restrictions
  • financial challenges
  • the remediation targets.

SITEREM works closely with its clients when it comes to contact with and presentations to the authorities (DPC, DAS, DPA, IBGE, municipal councils).

SITEREM puts together the specifications describing the administrative and technical requirements of the site and consults contractors. Thanks to its structural and financial independence, SITEREM is able to look at proposals objectively and help the client make the right decision.

SITEREM follows up the remediation process on the ground, and may also carry out geotechnical tests (CPTs, plate loading tests, PANDA tests, laboratory tests etc.)

SITEREM writes the final assessment report.

SITEREM can start helping you at any stage of the project.


The remediation file includes all the specific administrative (location, land register, use according to the development plan, contributors, special circumstances etc.), regulatory (basis on which the analytical results are interpreted) and environmental (geological, hydrological, hydrogeological and human context) information for the land being investigated. The site’s condition in terms of pollution is scrupulously described. The surface area and volumes of polluted land and water are mapped. A description of the technical processes that led to the results is provided. Remediation processes, determined by technical (nature of the earth, nature of the pollutants, architectural restrictions) and financial restrictions, are then analysed, comparing the advantages and disadvantages.