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Whether you are a public authority, a business or a private individual, SITEREM offers you its experience in terms of assessing impacts, technical and legal expertise, environmental audits and analyses to prevent pollution.

SITEREM helps contractors by providing management plans for excavated plots. We can offer our advice on the basis of the regulations in force and the best ways of making the most of your land.

SITEREM writes environmental impact reports for redevelopment projects and SAR procedures.

SITEREM works with universities, research centres and contractors to develop rehabilitation processes and conduct pilot studies.

SITEREM provides expert assessments for courts (expert or independent advisor).

SITEREM is commissioned by the Belgian regional authorities to represent them in working groups and on international platforms as part of United Nations and European programmes for the sustainable management of the environment (LRTAP programme).

SITEREM supervises Belgian and international trainees from vocational courses, higher education and universities.

SITEREM exports its scientific and technical expertise in international projects. Technology transfer in the field of protecting and managing natural resources working closely with local partners is a priority.