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Our mission: to offer you a comprehensive service

We will offer you our advice and work with you on every question and issue relating to ground, water or air pollution.

  • We will offer you advice for your project
  • We will put together a pollution assessment: history, field studies, analyses, risk analysis etc.
  • We will help you get in touch with the relevant authorities
  • We will prepare the documents required by the public authorities (Walloon and Brussels regions)
  • We will make sure legal obligations are fulfilled
  • We will suggest the best remediation method for your situation 
  • We will prepare the remediation specifications and help you choose the right contractor
  • We will supervise the remediation process and make sure that the targets defined initially are met

Customised service, combining experience, flexibility and creativity.

Our goal: to offer appropriate, up-to-date, innovative and effective solutions.

Expertise at your service

All experts

All of the members of our team have an in-depth knowledge of:

  • the legislation in force in the Walloon and Brussels regions
  • current remediation techniques (technical aspects and costs)

They also boast extensive expertise when it comes to the environment: land-use planning, water and forest management, atmospheric pollutant measurement and management, past and present industrial processes.

This means they can offer the solution that best suits your objectives, while also taking into account your targets and the regulations in force.

SITEREM is certified 

SITEREM has all the official authorisations required to help you with your project:

  • for quality, as “category 2 soil management expert” for the Walloon Region (authorisation no. 43DGS2011-CAT2-A3-R);
  • as “soil pollution expert” for the Brussels-Capital Region (authorisation no. AGREPS 029).
  • The VCA label (site safety) has been one of our certifications since 2008.